GIR Peeler

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GIR Peelers have sharp steel blades that glide fast and clean, shaving thin peels without digging too deep. Twin swivel blades allow for peeling from either direction, and a 1" gap between the blade and the bridge prevents clogging for a smooth peeling experience and minimal food waste. The lightweight handles also feature a non-slip grip that will keep your hand from tiring out or slipping, whether dry or wet.

Our peelers come in both Y-handle and I-handle configurations to accommodate different use cases and preferences. Integrated potato-eye removers tackle hard-to-reach spots, and are included on both sides of the Y-handle peeler for ambidextrous use. We’ve crafted flat, serrated, and julienne blades with hardened steel that will stay sharp year in and year out.

  • 4-Piece Set
  • I-Handle Flat
  • Y-Handle Flat
  • I-Handle Serrated
  • Y-Handle Julienne

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