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We ship orders daily from our warehouse in Lake Forest, California. Mask orders from April, May, and early June have shipped, and we are shipping new orders within 1-3 days of your order date! If you ordered more than a week ago, please check your email for a tracking notification (heads up, sometimes they get lost in spam filters).
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If it is past your shipping window and you have not received a shipping confirmation yet, please be patient—we’re working on it, we promise :) It’s likely that you’ll see a shipping confirmation not too long after.

We’re a small crew working hard to maintain social distancing and safe shipping practices. We’re packaging up your orders as quickly as possible while continuing to mail donations and keep our fulfillment crew safe and healthy.

P.S. If you noticed that your shipping window has been pushed back, no need to worry, we didn’t forget about your order! It just means we are still working on fulfilling orders, or are waiting for more inventory to arrive in order to fulfill your order.
Unfortunately, it looks like we were unable to find that order number in our system. Your order number should start with “GIRCO” followed by 5 numbers. For example: GIRCO12345.

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