Mask FAQ

When will my mask be shipped?

We are in stock and shipping daily! Today's mask orders will ship within 1-3 days. GIR masks and tools are packaged with care and mailed from our fulfillment center in Lake Forest, California. Mask orders from April, May, and early June have shipped. If you ordered more than a week ago, please check your email for a tracking notification (heads up, sometimes they get lost in spam filters).

GIR Mask Sizing Chart and Fit Guide

Standard Mask Sizing

Best fit for individuals with faces that measure 5" cheek to cheek or larger.

Best fit for individuals with faces that measure 4" nose to chin or larger.

Kids Mask Sizing

Best fit for individuals with faces that measure 5" cheek to cheek or smaller.

Best fit for individuals with faces that measure 4" nose to chin or smaller.

Personalize Your Fit

Since a tight fit is a good fit, we're including a small plastic clip in the package so you can hook it behind your head for a tighter fit if you have a smaller head. And if it feels like your filter isn't secure, or able to stay in place, it's likely that the fit of your mask needs to be a little more snug across your face and around your head. For the entire mask kit system to be effective, a snug fit is key. Just use the included clip to secure the mask behind your head instead!

Clip included

A small plastic clip is included in every GIR Mask Kit. Don't throw it away!

If you have a smaller head or want a snug fit, you can can secure your mask behind your head instead of behind your ears.

A tight fit is a good fit

If you lose your clip or want to customize the fit even more, you can tie the mask behind your head with a ribbon or paperclip.

You can even tie the silicone itself—it's strong, but we recommend a gentle touch if you go this route, as rough handling can damage or rip the ear straps.

How will I know when my order has shipped?

When your order ships, we’ll email you a shipping confirmation with tracking! Be sure to check spam in case our note falls into the wrong inbox.

Where can I check on the shipping status of my order?

Head over to our Mask Tracking Page, and enter your order number.
Hint: Your order number starts with GIRCO and is followed by 5 numbers. For example: GIRCO12345

I selected an expedited shipping method and have not received my order yet. What now?

If you selected an expedited shipping method, your order will still ship out with your selected expedited shipping choice at the time of shipment. We recommend keeping your expedited shipping method since you'll be able to receive your package sooner than if you revert back to ground shipping. However, if you'd like to modify your shipping speed to something slower, send us an email at and we’ll help you out!

My filter isn’t staying in place—help!

If it feels like your filter isn't secure, or able to stay in place, it's likely that the fit of your mask needs to be a little more snug across your face and around your head. Keep it tight by using the included clip instead (a paper clip or small ribbon will work here as well!). And as always, please be thoughtful about how you place the filter inside the mask; it should cover the air holes and avoid creating gaps where "free air" can flow. Also, you don’t have to rely on the filter adhesive. It’s there if you want it, but a pressure fit will work best because silicone is naturally quite non-stick.

What if I lose the included clip?

No problem! A paperclip or small ribbon will work just as well. Unfortunately, we don't have any extra clips to provide.

How do I use the mask?

1. Insert a filter into the inside of your mask. The white side should face your mouth; the blue side faces out. The blue side features adhesive strips
2. Pull the mask straps around your ears. If the mask fits too loosely, use the included clip to secure the mask behind your head instead.
3. A tight fit is a good fit. Check for excess airflow and tighten the mask as needed.
4. Replace the filter after each use; discard soiled filters.

Do I need to use a filter with this mask?

Definitely yes. Large holes in the silicone allow for easy breathing… and also let the bad stuff in. Using a filter is vital to the mask’s effectiveness. Each kit includes 5 for starters, and you can get 10-pack refills from us right here too.

What are the specifications of the filters GIR is using?

GIR’s masks are not medical devices. They are general-purpose masks.
Our filters are made from four layers of material: an outer spunbond nonwoven polypropylene layer to block initial large particles, dust, and liquid droplets. A double layer of very fine, electrostatically charged melt-blown nonwoven fabric to block finer dust particles, bacteria, and virus-carrying droplets, and an enclosing inner layer of spunbond polypropylene to block exhaled droplets.

Melt-blown fabrics are available in a variety of densities with different filtration efficacies. We require a >40g per square meter density for the double melt-blown fabric layer, which supports a PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency) over 95% at 0.3 microns and a BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) over 99% for particles at 3.0 microns.

According to CDC guidance, SARS-CoV-2 (novel coronavirus) is thought to spread through person-to-person contact and through respiratory droplets. Though the size of the individual virus particle is about 0.1 microns, respiratory droplets are many times that diameter. Therefore, filtration efficiencies measured at 0.3μm PFE and 3.0μm BFE may provide acceptable protection against the spread of COVID-19. This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is intended as a general statement about filtration efficiencies rather than a statement of efficacy regarding any specific filter.

Furthermore, it is reasonable to assume that appropriately tested multi-layer nonwoven filters and non-permeable platinum silicone will provide superior protection to non-medical cloth mask barriers that the CDC is currently recommending for public settings.

GIR’s filters pass the following test standards, with specific results listed below:
YY/T 0969-2013: BFE 99.7% filter efficiency
GB/T 32610-2016: PFE 92.6% filter efficiency for 1 layer (we are using 2 electrostatic layers)
GB2626: >95% at 0.3 microns

All of that effectiveness of course depends on a good fit, which is why we are including a clip to fit the mask behind your head if the fit of the mask behind your ears isn’t enough.

This is a general-purpose mask and filter and provides general-purpose protection. Please use your best judgment for wear and care. We are not medical professionals. We are doing our best to interpret, with no claims to medical accuracy or efficacy, the test results provided by our materials suppliers. We are seeking FDA evaluation of our mask kit, and until otherwise stated only offer this product as a general-purpose mask, not a medical device.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

What can I use if I run out of the filters? Can I make my own filters?

In moments like this, anything is better than nothing. We recommend using a certified filter wherever possible, but you can make your own filter to fit the GIR mask. If you choose to use a household material to cut your own filter, please Google the latest research as some content is coming out that points to the possibility inhaling of harmful particles from certain HEPA materials. We're not doctors and we're just following what's being recommended by authorities. When the pandemic began, common thought was that some HEPA materials were good for homemade filters. Much info has come out that's questioning that popular wisdom. Please use your best judgment and educate yourself. What we can promise is that the 99.7% BFE, >95% PFE filters we provide are lab-tested and certified. Beyond that, we're just offering helpful information with no claims to efficacy or implied expertise.

Who will donated masks be given to?

We’re in touch with area hospitals, grocery stores, and package carriers. We’re getting masks to the front lines of exposure in our immediate communities of NYC, LA, SF, and Chicago. If you know of a hospital or essential business that needs to protect its team and would like to receive a donation or purchase these in bulk, at cost, please email us at

When/where should I wear this mask?

For the duration of the pandemic, you should endeavor to wear a mask when you’re outside, in a public place, or exposed to others. The CDC’s new guidance encourages individuals to wear masks or homemade face coverings in public settings like grocery stores; we’re all adapting to this as a society. Importantly, wearing a mask can prevent you from unknowingly spreading disease in public if you are infected but asymptomatic. You can read more here and reference the CDC’s latest guidance at their website here:

Can these be returned? Do they come with GIR’s Lifetime Guarantee?

These masks are personal use items and cannot be refunded, returned, or exchanged after we ship them to you. Thanks for understanding!

How do I sanitize my mask, and how often should I do that?

First, discard that dirty filter and wash your hands really well! We recommend sanitizing the silicone mask after public exposure, or whenever you take it off. You can clean it in a number of ways:
• Dishwasher: Wash on medium heat with mild detergent.
• Microwave: Microwave for 30 seconds in a bowl of water.
• Hand wash: Scrub with hot, soapy water for at least 20 seconds.
• Oven: Place the mask in an oven-safe dish. Bake at 300°F (150°C) for 5 minutes.
• Autoclave: Where available, sterilize using an autoclave.
Dry well before inserting a new filter.

How many times can I use a filter?

Use each filter once, and discard when soiled. The filter is good for a full day under normal conditions (e.g. not in a smoke storm), but use your best judgment; if you think you’ve been exposed, be conservative and discard the filter. If you’ve taken a morning walk down a quiet street, you can probably use it again to go to the grocery store later.

Is the standard mask one size fits all?

One size fits most, with the straps behind your ears. We are also including a small plastic clip in the package so you can hook it behind your head for a tighter fit if you have a smaller head.

Will the kids size mask fit adults with smaller heads?

The kids masks are quite small; if you have a tiny grownup face, they might work for you! But for best fit, you’ll want to ensure that it covers your chin completely. The standard mask is 6" W x 4.5" H (15.4cm L x 11.4cm H) and can be tightened behind your head using the included clip for a snug fit. The kids mask is 3.5" W x 3.8" H (8.8cm L x 9.5cm). It can be stretched quite a bit, but please measure your face carefully. Unfortunately, given the nature of this personal use item and the global pandemic environment, we're not able to offer refunds or accept exchanges or returns for masks—so we encourage you to measure carefully if you're buying a kids mask for grownup use!

What age range does the kids mask fit?

The GIR kids mask is designed for kids ages 4-10. Using a clip (included in the kit), our founder Sam has been able to comfortably fit these on her 3-year-old daughter as well.

Is this product patent-pending?

Yes, GIR masks are patent-pending. Congrats to our amazing design team 🎉

Community Updates

Friday, April 17th

We clear out our fulfillment center floor to make way for 15,400 masks and 70,000 filter replacements arriving early next week.

Wednesday, April 15th

Back on track. The first shipment is expected to arrive between April 20-22, and we plan for shipping ramp up on the 23rd.

Sunday, April 12th

Slight hiccup - a government restriction adds a 15-20 day inspection to every shipment. We think it'll be rolled back, but we're worried.

Tuesday, April 6th

Packaging production is underway and will arrive to the factory on Wednesday. We’ll start shipping batches to our fulfillment center later this week. Expecting to receive a large shipment before the 15th. Everything is on track!

Thursday, April 2nd

We’ve finished packaging design and pre-clear our shipment with our customs broker so there aren’t any hitches when they arrive. Production on purchased silicone mask kits begins. We ship another batch of N95 donations.

Wednesday, April 1st

Over the past 24 hours, we’ve funded the donation of over 5000 masks. We are SO THANKFUL for your support! Please continue to share this page—together (but no closer than 6 feet), we can really make a difference.

Tuesday, March 31st

We begin press outreach to spread the word, and start taking orders. Let’s do this thing!

Monday, March 30th

The first mask samples arrive to GIR teammates in NY, SF, and LA. We take photos, get our order+donation page up and running, and make the decision to offer masks in a variety of colors so that families and coworkers can differentiate.

Thursday, March 26th

We mold a batch of face mask samples and ship them from the factory to ourselves for review. Three filter options make it into the envelope, with a fourth to be sent later in the week.

Wednesday, March 25th

We make headway on filter sourcing. The face mask tool goes back to the tooling factory for adjustments, and then comes back to us to prep for samples.

Tuesday, March 24th

The first batches of N95 mask donations arrive at our fulfillment center in LA and our design + marketing HQ in NYC.

Saturday, March 21st

We start working with our primary factory to get the silicone face mask tool (its steel mold) online. Sourcing PM 2.5, medical, and general protective filters from appropriately certified factories begins.

Week of March 16th

Three of our factories offer to donate N95 masks from their personal supplies and help us source even more. We take them up on it, and pull in 2000 N95 and 3-layer masks to donate to our local hospitals.

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