Pledge Calculator

  • 1. Add the items and quantities you’d like to include in your pledge.
  • 2. Copy the calculated pledge total and go back to the Kickstarter page.
  • 3. Click the Back this Project or Manage Your Pledge button.
  • 4. If you’re creating a custom reward, set your pledge total to the calculated pledge amount.
    If you’re building on an existing reward, just add your extra item total to that pledge amount.
  • 5. Kickstarter will add shipping costs automatically (that section is called Your shipping destination* and is a dropdown). So, for example, if you’re creating a custom pledge with 2x the GIR Ultimate Standard Straws 5-Pack and shipping to the US, Your Pledge Amount would be $38 ($19x2 = $38, entered manually) +$4 shipping (from the automatic KS dropdown), and the total charge will be $42.
  • 6. That’s it! Thanks for supporting the campaign!
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