The Ultimate Italian Chicken Alfredo Recipe

January 03, 2024

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Suze Dowling

The Ultimate Italian Chicken Alfredo Recipe
  • Prep Time

    15 minutes

  • Cook Time

    25 minutes

  • Total Time

    40 minutes

  • Yield

    4 servings

Italian cuisine is known for its rich flavors and comforting dishes, and one beloved classic that often comes to mind is Chicken Alfredo. This mouthwatering pasta dish has become a staple in American households (and around the world), delivering a creamy and indulgent experience. If you're a fan of Italian food, then you're probably no stranger to the tasty Alfredo sauce.

What Is the Appeal of Alfredo Sauce?

Alfredo sauce boasts a rich, creamy texture that instantly excites everyone’s taste buds. This timeless sauce hails from Rome, Italy, where it was created by a restaurateur named Alfredo di Lelio in the early 20th century. 

Its appeal lies in its simplicity and quality ingredients. At its core, Alfredo sauce is a marriage of heavy cream, parmesan cheese, and unsalted butter, blended to achieve a velvety smoothness that coats every strand of pasta.

People are drawn to Alfredo sauce for numerous reasons. Its indulgent and comforting nature makes it the epitome of comfort food, perfect for a cozy night in. The homemade version surpasses any store-bought alternatives by letting you control the quality and freshness of the ingredients. 

Prepared with love and attention, Alfredo sauce becomes a vehicle for culinary creativity, enabling endless variations and adaptations according to personal tastes.

The Italian Chicken Alfredo recipe we'll be sharing encapsulates all the qualities that make this sauce so beloved. It offers a creamy, savory experience that soothes the soul and satisfies even the heartiest of appetites. 

So, let's continue our culinary journey by diving into the delicate balance of pasta and sauce and uncovering the best pasta to pair with a creamy Alfredo sauce.

What’s the Best Pasta for Alfredo Sauce?

When it comes to choosing the perfect pasta to accompany Alfredo sauce, tradition holds strong. Fettuccine, a flat, ribbon-like pasta, is the long-established darling of Alfredo recipes. 

Its wide surface area allows it to cling to the sauce, ensuring every bite is generously coated. The texture of fettuccine, when cooked al dente, provides an ideal contrast to the creamy sauce, offering a satisfying bite that holds up well.

While fettuccine is the classic choice, it's worth mentioning that there are other pasta options that can complement Alfredo sauce beautifully. Penne, with its hollow tube shape, allows the sauce to enter its crevices, creating delightful bursts of flavor with every mouthful. 

Linguine, a close relative of fettuccine, offers a slightly thinner profile while still delivering a similar experience. Ultimately, the choice of pasta comes down to personal preference, and each option brings its own unique character to the dish.

Regardless of the pasta you choose, it's important to cook it al dente, meaning it should have a slight bite to it. This ensures that the pasta maintains its integrity when coated with the creamy Alfredo sauce. To achieve the perfect al dente texture, follow the package directions and taste-test the pasta a minute or two before the recommended cooking time is up.

With the foundation of Alfredo sauce and the ideal pasta companion established, it's time to bring everything together. In the next section, we'll guide you through the steps to prepare a mouthwatering Italian Chicken Alfredo recipe that will satiate your cravings and leave you eager for seconds.

Ultimate Italian Chicken Alfredo Recipe

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Servings: 4 servings 

Now that we've discussed Alfredo sauce and the traditional pasta choices, it's time to dive into the Italian Chicken Alfredo Pasta recipe. This delectable dish perfectly balances tender chicken, velvety sauce, and al dente pasta, creating a memorable dining experience for you and your loved ones.


  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 8 ounces fettuccine noodles
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • ¾ cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • Salt and black pepper to taste
  • Optional garnish: fresh parsley, black pepper, red pepper flakes

Tools We Used:

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  1. Season the chicken breasts with salt and black pepper. Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat and sear the chicken until golden brown and cooked through, about 6-7 minutes per side. Set aside.
  2. While the chicken cooks, cook the fettuccine pasta in a large pot of salted boiling water until al dente. Reserve ½ cup of pasta water.
  3. Melt the butter over low heat in the same skillet used for the chicken. Add minced garlic and sauté until fragrant.
  4. Pour in the heavy cream and bring it to a simmer. Whisk in the grated Parmesan cheese and stir until the sauce becomes thick and creamy. If the sauce looks too thick, add a splash of reserved pasta water to achieve desired consistency.
  5. Slice the cooked chicken into thin strips and add it to the sauce, stirring gently to combine.
  6. Drain the cooked pasta and add it to the skillet with the sauce and chicken. Toss everything together until the pasta is evenly coated.
  7. If desired, serve the Italian Chicken Alfredo hot, garnished with fresh parsley, black pepper, and red pepper flakes.

Nutritional Information (per serving):

  • Calories: 576
  • Total Fat: 29g
  • Saturated Fat: 17g
  • Trans Fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 164 mg
  • Sodium: 413 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate: 47g
  • Dietary Fiber: 2g
  • Sugars: 2g
  • Protein: 34g


Serving and Garnishing

Italian Chicken Alfredo is a versatile dish that can be served on its own or with a variety of accompaniments. To elevate the experience, add some sautéed veggies like broccoli or spinach for a pop of color and nutrition. You can also sprinkle some Italian seasoning over the finished dish to enhance the flavors further.

For a complete meal, serve your Italian Chicken Alfredo with a side of garlic bread or a fresh green salad dressed with a zesty vinaigrette. The combination of creamy pasta and crisp greens offers a satisfying balance.

If you have leftovers, store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator — we recommend our Silicone Stretch Lid Set. When reheating, add a splash of cream or milk to the sauce to bring back its creamy consistency. Gently warm the leftovers on the stovetop over low heat, stirring occasionally, to prevent the sauce from separating.

If You Need a Lighter, Healthier Alfredo Sauce...

While traditional Alfredo sauce is undeniably indulgent and delicious, you might be looking for a lighter and healthier alternative. Fortunately, there are simple swaps you can make to reduce the calorie and fat content without compromising on flavor.

One option is to replace heavy cream with a lighter alternative. Substitute the heavy cream with half and half or low-fat milk, such as 2% or skim. By doing so, you will significantly decrease the fat content while still maintaining a creamy consistency. Another alternative is to use Greek yogurt or light cream cheese, which adds tanginess and creaminess to the sauce.

To cut down on the amount of cheese in your Alfredo sauce, consider using a blend of grated Parmesan cheese and a flavorful, lower-fat cheese like part-skim mozzarella.

Instead of using butter, you can opt for olive oil or a combination of olive oil and unsalted chicken or vegetable broth for sautéing the garlic. This substitute will decrease the saturated fat content without sacrificing the rich flavor.

Additionally, incorporating more vegetables into your Alfredo sauce can boost its nutritional value. Add sautéed mushrooms, spinach, or roasted red peppers to introduce extra fiber, vitamins, and minerals. These vegetables add a pleasant crunch and provide a welcome contrast to the creamy sauce.

By incorporating these simple swaps and additions, you can create a lighter, healthier version of Alfredo sauce that still satisfies your cravings for a creamy pasta dish. Experiment with these variations and find the perfect combination that suits your taste and dietary preferences, allowing you to enjoy Alfredo's flavors without guilt.

The Takeaway

You're now equipped with the knowledge and recipe to create the ultimate Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. This family favorite showcases the creamy richness of Alfredo sauce and the delightful pairing with fettuccine pasta. Whether you're planning a cozy weeknight dinner or a special gathering, this dish will impress and satisfy you.

Enjoy the cooking process and embrace the comfort and joy of Italian cuisine. Don't be afraid to experiment with flavors and ingredients to make the recipe your own. We hope this Italian Chicken Alfredo becomes a staple in your repertoire of favorite recipes, creating cherished memories around the dining table.

Now, it's time to gather your loved ones and savor the creamy goodness of our homemade Alfredo sauce that the whole family will love. Buon appetito!


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