Shaking up a classic martini with caramel and apples!

We love our martinis shaken, not stirred - and gave the classic an autumnal twist with fresh apple cider and a dash of cinnamon. Enjoy responsibly ;)


Prep Time = 5 minutes
Cook Time = n/a 
Yield = 1 delicious martini



2 ounces fresh apple cider
2 ounces caramel or salted caramel vodka
1 ounce vanilla vodka or butterscotch schnapps
Dash of cinnamon
Thin caramel apple slice and/or cinnamon sugar on the rim for garnish



Martini Glasses
Cocktail Shaker Set
GIR Flex Mats
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  1. Prepare your glass! Rim your martini glass with cinnamon sugar. Tip: Slice an apple and rub it along the rim of the glass to get the cinnamon sugar to stick. Alternatively, you can dip the rim in your apple cider.
  2. Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with 1 cup of ice. Shake vigorously.
  3. Pour into martini glass and garnish with a slice of fresh apple.


    Making your own apple cider or caramel would be delicious! We love recipes like this from Ali at Gimme Some Oven!, and this from Stella Parks over at Serious Eats.