The GIR way to grill the perfect kebabs.

A kebab situation is always a good time. We love them because they're easy and incredibly versatile - I mean, seriously, the flavor adventures are pretty endless. Try an old-school marinade today, and a Mediterranean inspired spice-rub tomorrow. Go totally vegetarian, or add some fruit into the mix. Grilled pineapple, anyone? 

With all being said, while kebabs do bring a smile to our face, there are definitely some things we wished we had known before overzealously diving into the grilling part. Check out our tips below! 

1. Use two skewers per kebab
This is a must! As your kebab heats up, it shrinks, making the hole through the ingredients a little bigger and a little looser. This makes flipping skewers a nightmare! A double skewer situation will surely stop your ingredients from spinning and cooking unevenly.
We like metal skewers since they’re eco-friendly and can be washed and reused but bamboo skewers are a great alternative if you plan on serving kebabs straight on the stick! Just make sure to soak the wooden skewers for at least 30 minutes in water before they’re up to bat. Soaking won’t necessarily stop the wood from burning, but it’ll delay it so you can avoid serving extra charcoal black skewers at the table. 

2. Space out your ingredients 

Avoid packing your kebab ingredients close together since tightly threaded ingredients will cook unevenly. We recommend leaving a sliver of open space in between each ingredient to ensure a well-cooked kebab. And while you're at it, make sure everything is cut into equal-sized pieces. An undercooked chunk of meat and a burnt onion is a sad sight.  

3. Separate strategically 
Know your ingredients! While a colorful kebab filled with 4 different veggies and meats might make for a gorgeous spread, the grill might say otherwise. We recommend grouping ingredients together based on similar cook times. Raw potatoes may need some extra time on the grill while cherry tomatoes may burst on the spot if left on the heat for too long. Plan ahead and separate everything for the perfect grilling experience. 

4. Marinate the meat separately 
Veggies will get soggy in a marinade. To keep that crunch, just oil and season them immediately before the grill. Before that, marinate the meat in a resealable bag with the air removed for a no-mess clean up⁠—we love our Stasher bags because they're reusable and eco-friendly. 20 minutes is great, though overnight is even better.
And on that note, we love using top sirloin or ribeye. Sirloin is a little more forgiving to work with, but ribeye packs a lot of flavor. And of course, beef can be swapped out for chicken, fish, sausage, or even mushrooms and potatoes for a vegan-friendly meal.

5. Boost those flavors with fresh herbs
For maximum flavor, add rosemary sprigs to your marinade, or roast them straight on the grill along with your kebabs. You can also experiment with threading herbs like basil or bay leaves along with the rest of your kebab ingredients. The aroma is out of this world, and the flavor is next level.
We hope we helped you in your kebab adventure! Like what you see? Let us know! Got some tips of your own? We'd love to hear :) Just comment below!