Before we dive in, let's get geeky. Compounds like lycopene present in tomato sauce, curries, etc. can cause temporary surface stains and odors. Now, it doesn't happen often, since our base silicone is extremely stain and odor resistant, but it's certainly possible given how "friendly" lycopene molecules are! In any case, in most scenarios, the issue will usually resolve itself with a run or two through the dishwasher. 

Generally, if the dishwasher isn't able to powerwash away your troubles, we've got an answer for that as well! For any surface stains or lingering odors, we recommend treatment with a couple of dishwasher cycles (trust us!) and a good 'ole scrub with a nonabrasive cleaner like baking soda or Barkeeper's Friend. Adding lemon juice to the baking soda can also help—and not to mention, make your kitchen smell really nice! 

If you're dealing with more stubborn stains/odors and those gentler methods don't seem to work, a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide or bleach in water will do the trick. This method will break down the actual color or odor compounds in the tool, and won’t harm the silicone. But if you go this route, you’ll definitely want to wash your tools with soap and hot water before using them again.

And at the end of the day, if neither of those methods work, don't be shy! Send a message to with a photo and we’ll make things right :)