The answer: find a mask (or mask fitter) with a great fit.

Most cloth masks don’t create a secure seal around the nose. Surgical masks with nose wires can help, but the fit is not always guaranteed and air often leaks out from the top edge of the mask—increasing your chances of glasses fog exponentially.

Some of the best masks for glasses are made from silicone, which is thin and flexible enough to fit underneath glasses, all while preventing air from fogging them up. Take it from these reviews of GIR’s silicone face masks:

"This mask is fantastic. It’s the only one I’ve ever worn that I can breathe comfortably in AND it doesn’t fog up my glasses." - Ken D.

"Silicone is comfortable on the skin and very thin so the glasses don’t get jostled around and cause me to get dizzy and cross-eyed." - Brigitte D.

"Thank you for your awesome mask! My 14month old could wear it without a problem and mine doesn't fog up my glasses. Love love! Colors and sizes available for the whole family."- Bella B.

If you’re looking for a mask for people with glasses, look no further! Not only will the GIR Face Mask help prevent glasses fog, it can also help keep your glasses in place. And since they come with a free mask clip, you’ll be sure to create that fog-fighting seal you’ve been looking for. Get yours here.