Eating is a good time, but where's the fun in packing up? Cleaning up leftover food becomes a breeze with GIR Stretch Covers. Our platinum-cured silicone stretch lids cover all types and sizes of food vessels, instantly converting your bowls into chic food storage containers. And it doesn't stop there—read on for countless everyday upgrades they can inspire.

1. GIR Stretch Lids are easier to use than plastic wrap—and more sustainable.

Finally: a sustainable solution to keeping your leftovers fresh in the refrigerator. Gone are your days of measuring out and throwing away single-use plastic wrap, and enter the golden age of silicone stretch covers—your new food storage hero. Unlike plastic wrap, these lids are flexible in size and easy to wash, so you can reuse them over, and over again. Plus, save money when you opt for this eco-friendly alternative. 

2. Turn any bowl into airtight food storage containers.

If you're like us, you might have a drawer filled with takeout containers, Tupperware, or Pyrex with no lids in sight. That’s where these lids come in. They stretch 3-4 inches larger than their diameter and come in 6 different sizes per pack so you never have to worry about finding the “right” sized lid. Whether it’s a small container of leftovers from the kids’ snacktime or huge dishes from the weekend dinner feast, we’ve got a lid for that. An added bonus—these stretch covers will clear your tupperware clutter while you’re at it!

3. Keep it clean with leak-proof lids.

We know the pain of leaky food storage containers, so we designed these to keep pesky salad dressings and liquidy soups from escaping their containers. So whether you need to store soup safely in your fridge, or if you’re hoping to make it to mom's house without a mess in your backseat—you can count on these lids to help turn your bowls into airtight food storage containers.

4. Protect your food in the great outdoors.

From camping in the mountains to picnicking in the park, these stretch covers will transport your food safely to wherever you’re moving. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, they’ll keep the bugs out, so you can keep your sweet treats to yourself!

5. It's your pantry and freezer friend. 

Have a dish that needs to be put away, but foil and saran wrap won’t cut it? Solve your long term food storage problems with these stretch covers—simply cover your bowl or container with a lid and bam! You’ve got airtight food storage containers for all of your needs. Made of platinum-grade silicone, they can easily take on freezer temperatures and preserve freshness and food quality. Store everything from frozen veggies to fruits and nuts—or the cookie jar—without having to waste another ziploc bag.

6. Say hello to the microwave splatter guard.

Fear not food explosions! These flexible covers turn your bowls into microwave-safe solutions to keep splashy foods from making a mess while being heated.

7. Makes cleaning a breeze.

We understand the time crunch of prepping, cooking, and cleaning in the kitchen. Whether you’re hand washing or throwing it in the dishwasher, these silicone stretch covers can take whatever form of cleaning that works for your schedule.

8. Keep your produce fresh for meal prep.

Only need to cut half a watermelon? A large squash or head of cabbage? Cover the other half up with a stretch cover to keep it fresh and save it for later. Or, fill a bowl with pre-cut vegetables during meal prep, and cover it up until it’s time to eat!

9. Stay stylish with soft white, blue, and pink hues.

We’re all about organization and a kitchen that feels good to look at. Our stretch covers will keep it neat, complementing the colors of your bowls while converting them into gorgeous food storage containers.

10. Think outside the kitchen.

Missing your camera lens cap? Use a small silicone stretch cover to keep it scratch free. We’re sure there are countless knick knacks around the house that could use a protective cover—the possibilities are endless!

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