In honor of International Women's Day, we're celebrating by giving a shout out to the boss ladies at GIR! Founded in 2012 by Samantha Rose after breaking a spatula one night while cooking, Sam scoured the internet for alternatives and was left unimpressed and underwhelmed with what she found. Eventually her search turned into a mission to Get it Right (GIR)! With a passion for color, impeccable design, and sustainability, we’ve grown our brand into a family that aims for perfection in all of our endeavors. Today, we put spotlight on the women (and backbone) of GIR and the products they can't live without!


Sam: Founder + CEO

GIR Ultimate Whisk

"From whipped cream to vinaigrette’s, the GIR Ultimate Whisks are my ultimate superheros! They get the job done quickly and without much wrist fatigue."


Lauren: CMO

GIR Suction Lids

"The GIR Suction Lids are a must for reheating food in the microwave/oven and look gorgeous keeping dishes warm on the table. Can't live without these!" 


Sally: Head of Brand

GIR Ultimate Ladle

"This GIR Ultimate Ladle is honestly magical! The flexible front edge scoops up EVERYTHING. A game-changer for my homemade soups!" 


Kathleen: Sales + Ops Manager

GIR Ultimate Spoonula

"I use the GIR Ultimate Spoonula every day, for everything! I go right from cooking to serving with it; there's also less clean up afterward (which the lazy person in me loves)."


Beth: Dreamweaver

GIR Traveler Straws

"Guilty. I used to steal the extra long straws from Starbucks, but I've come clean with our new GIR Traveler Straws! Perfect for tumblers and reusable water bottles. Easy to clean and ZERO plastic waste - good for me AND the environment!"


Bernice: Business Development 


"I feel like I'm always on the run and never have enough time! These GIR Tongs make every job in the kitchen easier and faster. From tossing salads to turning chicken breast like a pro!" 


Quyen: Project Manager

Spaghetti Spoon 

"The GIR Spaghetti Spoon is perfect for stirring to separate the noodles, and also gently loosening dumplings from the pot when boiling. I love using it to help scoop various pasta shapes too." 


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