The Slate Mini Spoon on a cream background with the Spaghetti spoon in front of it.
Our multi-purpose silicone spoon is designed for easy mixing and cooking on non-stick surfaces as well as scooping and serving dishes of all kinds.

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Small, but built to last. Fits easily into jam and condiment jars, scoops batter into muffin tins, and bastes things up in a saucepan. Designed with a comfortable, sturdy handle for stirring, serving, and mixing.

- 100% platinum-cured, pharmaceutical grade silicone
- BPA and BPS-free
- Dimensions: 8.3 in L x 1.7 in W
Use & Care
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stain, odor, and microbe resistant
  • Heat resistant to 550°F
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Your Best Friend in the Kitchen

With durable, easy-to-clean, BPA & BPS-free kitchen tools by your side, you’ll be the home chef that gets it right—every time.


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