GIR Instant Holiday Set

Our limited edition 16-tool set is a one-stop shop for spicing up your kitchen! Gift yourself something you'll actually put to use, or share the love with someone who really deserves it. And at 55% off, this bundle comes at a price that simply can't be beat. All other coupons excluded.


GIR Skinny Spatula: Studio White
GIR Ultimate Spatula: Coral
GIR Mini Spoonula: Red
GIR Ultimate Spoonula: Coral
GIR Mini Flip: Navy
GIR Ultimate Flip: Studio White
GIR Ultimate Spoon: Mint
GIR Ultimate Perforated Spoon: Navy
GIR Skinny Ladle: Red
GIR Ultimate Ladle: Coral
GIR Mini Whisk: Studio White
GIR Ultimate Whisk: Mint
GIR Lid 9x13: Black
GIR Lid 9x9: Red
GIR Silicone Straw 10-Pack: Rainbow Set
GIR Ultimate + Mini Flex Mat Set: Studio

  • 16-Piece Set

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