The GIR Studio 7 Piece  Ultimate Tool Set on a cream background.

This carefully curated tool set includes all the essentials for cooking and baking, along with our bestselling Quad Chopper to make meal prep a breeze.

Refresh your kitchen and save 25% with this bundle of fan-favorites.

  • 100% platinum-cured silicone 
  • BPA- and BPS-free
  • Durable, easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Only set featuring the Quad Chopper

Set includes

  • Ultimate Spatula
  • Ultimate Spoonula
  • Ultimate Flip
  • Ultimate Ladle
  • Ultimate Spoon
  • Ultimate Whisk
  • Quad Chopper

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Use & Care
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stain, odor, and microbe resistant
  • Heat resistant to 550°F
Get the Entire Set
5-Piece Ultimate Tool Set 5-Piece Ultimate Tool Set
$64.75 $50.95
20 Colors
The GIR Black 7 Piece Tool Set on a cream background. The GIR Black 7 Piece Tool Set on a cream background.
$93.65 $70.95
6 Colors
7-Piece Ultimate Tool Set Reviews

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A Size for Every Recipe

Whatever recipe you're making, our best-selling Spatulas will help you get it just right. The Ultimate is your go-to for mixing in bowls and pots, the Skinny is perfect for maneuvering tall, thin jars, and the Mini is made for scooping hard to reach corners or frosting sweet treats.

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Your Best Friend in the Kitchen

With durable, easy-to-clean, BPA & BPS-free kitchen tools by your side, you’ll be the home chef that gets it right—every time.


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