GIR Stretch Lid Set

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Round Stretch Lids:

Missing lid? Frustrated with foil? Want to help save the planet? Our Round Stretch Covers are going to be your new favorite sidekick. Whether you’re headed to a potluck or freezing a large batch of soup, these covers feature a flex-lock seal that’ll guard against leaks and spills. They also specialize in flexibility, each one stretching to fit containers 1-2” wider than the size of the cover itself. From teeny glass bowls to lid-less canned foods, the container options are endless.

Rectangular Stretch Lids:

From smaller loaf pans to mighty casserole dishes, our Rectangular Stretch Covers can work wonders in times where a lid is nowhere to be found. They’ll keep baked goods fresh and casseroles safe on-the-go. Like our Round Stretch Covers, they feature a flex-lock seal to guard against leaks and spills, and can be used for long-term storage in the freezer, or travel in the car. Each cover stretches to fit containers 1-2” wider than its own size.

  • 6-Piece Round
  • 3-Piece Rectangular

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